Welcome to Sunday School Central!  Our goal is for this site to be a beneficial tool as you reach, teach and minister to those in your class.

We are excited for the implementation of the Explore the Bible adults curriculum.  As we walk through the materials in our hands on training, there are several resources to use as you are preparing your lessons.

New Resources:

Go to ministrygrid.com and search the catalog for “Explore the Bible”.  Here you will find weekly video resources that walk you through the main outline of the lesson.

This blog has many resources within the blog posts that will enhance your lesson prep.

  • Explore the Bible App for iPhone and Android

Download the Explore the Bible app for iPhone or Android for additional resources for purchase.




It is impossible to stand still in Christian life and service, for when you stand still, you immediately start going backward. “Let us go on!” is God’s challenge to His church (Heb. 6:1), and that means moving ahead into new territory.” 
― Warren W. Wiersbe